5 Hot Social Media Updates For Businesses This Week

5 Hot Social Media Updates For Businesses This Week

What's new on social media this week? Read along for 5 hot and fresh updates that could benefit your business.

Kids Version of Instagram Coming Soon

Many youngsters try to join Instagram, but the app currently blocks users under the age of 13 from signing up for safety purposes. The Kids Version of IG could be a big hit for both users and businesses!

As said by Instagram: “We have to do a lot here, but part of the solution is to create a version of Instagram for young people or kids where parents have transparency or control. It’s one of the things we’re exploring.”

Facebook to Launch Audio-Only Rooms

With the sudden rise of audio social (following Clubhouse app), Facebook has been developing its audio meeting rooms feature, which would enable Facebook users to create audio broadcasts that users can tune into, and participate in.

You'd be able to choose the Room Type: Live Audio to listeners, Private Audio Room with friends, or Private Video Room with friends.

Instagram Reels for Business

Why use Reels specifically? Well, Instagram Reels use a highly addictive formula to attract and engage Instagram users (if you've already created a reel, you know how it goes).

On top of that, since Reels is a new feature, Instagram’s algorithm is favoring accounts that are regularly publishing and engaging with Reels.

Now’s the time to jump on the opportunity and use these short videos to reach big audiences by showcasing your business’s personality, and highlighting what differentiates you from your competitors in a fun way.

TikTok: New Auto-Reply Message for Business Accounts

More reasons to start a TikTok account for your business! This option could make it easier to manage common queries and provide relevant information when needed.

Create either a welcome message for when people message your business, or an auto-reply, based on the keywords of your choice (this can be done from your Business Suite tools for TikTok business accounts, in the Message settings).

The simple process enables you to choose relevant keywords in a message that will trigger your automated response.

For example, if people often ask about your opening hours, the keyword 'hours' would be appropriate here.

TikTok Launches New Tool To Find The Best Performing Ads

Big news for creators and businesses on TikTok.

'Top Ads' enables you to search for the best performing TikTok ad campaigns, by Ad type, Region and Industry, in order to get inspiration from their approach.

You can further filter your results by time (last 7 days or last 30 days) and by performance (CTR, Impressions, 6 second video view rate), to get the most relevant examples for your business.


That's a wrap on the updates (for now🐵). Make sure to stay tuned for the freshest updates to come!

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