4 Social Media Updates | 1 Bonus Tip

4 Social Media Updates | 1 Bonus Tip

What's new on social media this week? We gathered the most important updates for your business' e-life.

New Tools for Businesses on LinkedIn

To help brands with their organic promotions, LinkedIn is adding some new tools like Content Recommendation & Lead Gathering Options along with tools to help facilitate communication with colleagues on the platform.

New Safety Measures on Facebook

The first new alert is a pop-up that will be shown to people who search for terms associated with child exploitation.

As explained by Facebook:

"The pop-up offers ways to get help from offender diversion organizations and shares information about the consequences of viewing illegal content."

The second one is used when users may not be aware that the content they're sharing is illegal, and could pose a risk to the child or children involved:


"We will also remove Facebook profiles, pages, groups and Instagram accounts that are dedicated to sharing otherwise innocent images of children with captions, hashtags or comments containing inappropriate signs of affection or commentary about the children depicted in the image."

TikTok' s ad platform lands in Canada

TikTok is also making its Shopify channel available for merchants in Canada:

"Through this partnership we're making it easier for Shopify merchants to tap into the creativity of the TikTok community, be discovered, and optimize their marketing campaigns."

Facebook Shares New Insights into the Impacts of COVID-19 on SMBs

As seen above, the proportion of businesses making no sales through digital channels fell from 35% to 13%.

That shift has led to new shopping behaviors, which will likely hold after the pandemic period. If you're not implementing digital sales tools, you'll likely miss out on a large section of your audience - even when they can return to regular shopping processes.

And lastly, here's a tip from the Monkeys:

8 Types of High-Performing Video Content to Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy


Stay tuned for next week's social media updates!


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