Photography For Social Media | 5 Quick Fixes

Photography For Social Media | 5 Quick Fixes

Most offline businesses are now shifting online, and making sales is linked more than ever to visuals and the way products and services are displayed and promoted.

Let’s say you have a kick-ass product, top quality, ideal and better than your competitors', all of that quickly becomes just noise that no one even hears when your visuals don't immediately move your audience.

Whether a product or a service, people will associate the quality of your business with the quality of the visuals that represent it.

We can’t emphasize enough on how important photography for social media is. We’ll be talking about some quick fixes to help you get better visuals to improve your online sales.


1. Instant quality upgrade

When taking your photos, get closer to your subject, and tap your finger on the screen to set the focus point. The closer you are, the blurrier the background will become. Setting focus on your subject will make it more professional-looking and give your subject more value.

2. When to take your photos?

Getting to know the best times to take your photos is key. Gather some ideas beforehand until golden hour arrives. Wondering what golden hour is? Well, it’s approximately an hour after sunrise & the last hour of light before sunset; when the light is soft and fresh for you to take your best shots. But that isn’t enough on its own. Keep reading.

3.Always use the back camera

Use the back camera of your phone rather than the selfie one. Why? Because it has a better quality and quality is all that matters on social media, where you’re competing with millions of professionals.

4. Benefit from your phone’s features

People don’t want to tilt their heads a bit to the right to be able to see your photo well aligned. Luckily there is a “grid” button on your phone that could help you make sure your photos are good to go. You can find it on your phone’s settings under “Photos & Camera”.

Another feature to keep an eye on is the HDR button. You’ve probably seen those three letters when snapping your pics, but what are they? Let’s just say your photos will be waaay better without them, so turn it off as soon as you read this.

5. Keep your lens clean

Our phones are with us 24/7 and we tend to touch every bit of it very often. However, the one place that needs to be free of fingerprints is the lens.

Cleaning your lens regularly is important, especially before snapping your photos to avoid blurry images with unwanted spots.



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