5 Effective Ways to Grow Your Audience Organically On Social Media | #4 Has Consistent Results!

5 Effective Ways to Grow Your Audience Organically On Social Media | #4 Has Consistent Results!


First off let's simply define what we mean when say organic social media growth:

Organic social media growth is growing your brand followers and audience on social media platforms without spending any money to do so. There are plenty of tactics to achieve this growth using your creativity and time. Today we'll be diving into the 5 most effective ways we have found to organically grow a social media following that you can start right now!

1. Alternate Posting Times:

Most people assume the best times to post is when everyone is online. In reality, when you do this your posts are buried in between everyone else trying to post at the same time. Try experimenting with posting during off-peak hours at different times to find the right balance for your business.

2. Work smarter not harder:

Quality over quantity. Every time. Facebook has said that the average user can be subjected to as much as 15000 stories per day. To ensure engagement, all of these stories are curated and only the 300 most relevant stories are what users see first.

So posting more is not the answer, instead, make sure that you have relevant content that stands out every time. This will be key for your success over time.

3. Evergreen content is king:

Evergreen content is any content that will remain true over time and the info within won't expire or become outdated. Hence the name, evergreen.

For instance, if you're a women's fashion brand, consider posting an image on your feed that links back to your site titled 'The Perfect Look For Date Night". This will also work without a site.(But I mean it's 2021, come on, you need one. Get one today!)

4. Network:

Remember folks, you can network online just like IRL! (That's In Real Life for the boomers) 

Connect, network, talk, interact! All these are a must. Engage with potential customers on their feed, you can leave a witty & friendly comment – make sure not to try to sell or promote your product on their page.

5.Simply Ask 

This one is often overlooked though it's proven to be most effective. To truly supercharge your growth on social media, you really have to understand your audience very well.

If you don't intimately know your customer already, it's about time you get properly introduced. Simply ask. Try sending your followers an easy to answer survey to collect valuable information about them or even try it directly in social media polls.

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