Not Everyone Is Your Audience | 5 Ways to Find Yours Today

Not Everyone Is Your Audience | 5 Ways to Find Yours Today

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking they should target everyone in the world to increase their sales.

The truth is when you try to target everyone, your message becomes vague and you are unable to make genuine connections with your target customer.

With a deep understanding of your actual target customer, you can identify ways to improve your offerings, provide better solutions & improve your ROI.

So how do you do it? Keep reading for 5 ways you can start implementing today.

1. Analyze & Find your target audience

We all know the internet is a massive place. Over 4 billion people on there, insane right? How will you target your specific audience out of all these users?  

Luckily, we’re in 2021 and there are tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels that help you understand and reach your specific target customer..

But knowing how to use them is the key and it’s always a good idea to learn.

2. Market Research

You’ve carefully selected your target personas, that’s great. But have you conducted a proper market research?

You probably have lots of competitors worldwide (unless you discovered a whole new concept, then please DM us we wanna know all about it).

Make sure you take advantage of your biggest competitors. Follow, stalk and check their audience’s characteristics in details.

Do they match yours? Fantastic. If they don’t, now you know who to add or remove from your target customers checklist.

3. Use Re-targeting ads

Running a PPC campaign? A Facebook advertising campaign? Any digital marketing initiative takes time, money, and effort.

But here’s the juicy part, using re-targeting ads allows you to target individuals who are already interested in your products; they either already bought your products or visited your website without making the purchase.

Moral of the story: re-target -> Save time. Save money.

4. Drive the right traffic

We’ve all been there, expanding our target age range, location, interests “just in case” you know.

But if there is something we learned is that in digital marketing the phrase “the more the merrier” does not apply. You would only be wasting money and hassling people who are not interested in your ads.

Stick to your specific audience. Save $$.

5. Become familiar with your target market

Now that you’ve found you’re niche, you gotta stay up to date with their new interests and likes. By doing this, you can create products or services they can relate to.

Let’s say you’re a sweatshirt brand, and you’ve learned that your audience is into a new popular TV Show. You can take advantage of this information to design a sweatshirt related to this TV show. Simple example but works wonders & transforms customers to loyal customers.

Now is the time to become familiar with your audience’s needs. With the right marketing tools and the adequate knowledge, you will reach the right clients and improve your ROI.

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