Facebook Monetization Tools & 3 More Updates

Facebook Monetization Tools & 3 More Updates

Hey social media nerds. Loving those updates aren't you? Let's see what's in store for this week 😉

Instagram Adds Elements to Its Branded Content Tools

Instagram is making it easier for brands to manage Branded Content requests and approvals:

First off, Instagram will enable creators to tag up to two brands in a single piece, expanding the capacity for tie-in promotions.

Instagram will also enable creators to post branded content prior to brand approval, though without the brand name on the post pending response. 

That could give creators more freedom to publish content, without having to wait for longer turnaround times from brand partners. Brands can then take as long as they need to approve, with their name appearing in the 'Paid partnership' label only once it goes through.

And lastly, Instagram is giving brands more access to content insights in Branded Content partnerships, with Reels and IG Live response data set to be made available to brand partners; giving partner businesses more oversight on the actual response data to their co-promotions.


Facebook Adds New Monetization Tools

Facebook is looking to provide gaming streamers with more revenue through an expansion of its Stars viewer donation tools, and new in-stream ads for gaming live-streams.

As explained by Facebook :

"Stars are already a powerful way for viewers to support live creators, and we want to bring this fan support experience to VOD too. Stars for VOD is currently pilot testing with a small group of creators, with hopes to roll out more broadly soon."

That provides more ways for viewers to engage with their favorite streamers, while also boosting the revenue potential for the creators themselves, giving them more incentive to keep posting to Facebook.

Instagram Adds 'Drops' To Boost eCommerce 

Instagram has launched a new product showcase option called 'Drops', which will highlight the latest product launches from brands you've engaged with, or may be interested in, at the top of the Shop tab in the app.

Product reminders enable brands to send alerts to interested users based on their previews:

So how can your product qualify for a drops listing?

You'll need to use the ‘Product Launch’ feature which is available via Commerce Manager for those brands that have already registered for eCommerce tools in the app. That will then enable you to also use product launch stickers and reminders in posts, Stories and Reels, in order to maximize awareness around your coming launch.

And now, you'll also be eligible to be featured on people's Drops page, adding another promotional element to the process.

Drops are currently only available in the US, soon to be expanded worldwide.

Advanced Customer Service Potential Through Facebook

Facebook announced an expansion of its Messenger API for Instagram, which will enable businesses to feed their Instagram Direct messages into their existing CRM platform, streamlining management and response.

As explained by Facebook:

"After a successful test, we are globally rolling out the new API features so businesses can integrate Instagram messaging with their preferred applications and workflows, helping them drive more meaningful conversations that increase customer satisfaction, and grow sales."

"For example, Kiehl’s in Malaysia scaled customer conversations that were coming in through different entry points such as Instagram Feed, Stories and DMs to make it easier to follow up with people. The result led to a 20% conversion rate from consultation to sales."

The new Messenger API for Instagram is now available to all developers, while Facebook will also be rolling out access for business accounts on Instagram via a phased approach.


That's a wrap:) Stay tuned for next week's hot news🐵🐵

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