Master 'The 3Cs Method' | Launch of CMT Digital Marketing Academy

Master 'The 3Cs Method' | Launch of CMT Digital Marketing Academy

The 3C's Method - C. Monkey TribeThe '3Cs Method' slowly entered our lives, and eventually into nearly every business decision we now make. It has guided our businesses and our clients' businesses to navigate through adverse challenges, and a hostile economic environment, all for the glorious goal of profitably achieving our desired results online. 
Concept. Content. Conversion.  That is the digital monkey bible. 

You may think, for instance, that selling hair salon bookings or cars online are two very different processes and can not be done in a similar way. In fact, lots of companies in both of those categories now use Shopify for it's easy of use and robust effective technology. (Important side not here: Shopify is excellent for selling nearly any service or product online, they have already perfected developing e-commerce sites so you don't have to, and you can focus on your core business instead) So indeed, there can be two very different things and yet are sold in a very similar process.

On a higher level, you may think that the process for coming up with a brand has nothing to do with how you launch a social media campaign. In reality, just like the example above the process is indeed similar. Especially when you want to get it done right using 'The 3Cs Method' developed after years of monkeying around in the digital sphere.

Build e-commerce sites that convert into sales, run campaigns that become shareable content, and tie it all together in one omnipresent concept.

Learn "The 3Cs Method'. Then, master it. (You'll thank us later)

Concept. Content. Conversion

The 3C's are all over our face when you pay close attention.

All three are intertwined today, and when you master the art and science of all three, both e-commerce and social media success become reality and the digital world is your oyster.

One final time for effect:

  1. Concept
  2. Content
  3. Conversion

We can not say it enough. We also know it sounds simple, but in truth, there are always challenges to putting ideas into practice, which explains why we're so thrilled about this announcement today:

C. Monkey Tribe is proud to be launching the CMT Digital Marketing Academy 

We want to share our years of know-how and skill-sets so you too can achieve your goals online. For us, finding success online has meant that we've achieved long sought after dreams of finding freedoms, and financial freedom being just one, albeit a very important one.

There are three comprehensive course, at the time of writing, to give you a jumpstart for getting the results you want online. 

Purchase the Build Your E-Commerce Shop course now by clicking here and start selling online today.


Or Pre-Order the Social Media For Your Business course today and get €100 discount. the course will launch on Monday, Feb 1st, 2021.

We know you'll find the freedoms you seek. We're here to help if you need an assist.

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