4 Social Media Updates For Businesses To Know This Week

4 Social Media Updates For Businesses To Know This Week



With a growing audience, social media platforms are adding new features & rules almost daily.

Here are this week's hottest social media updates:

Multi-Participant Live-Streams On Instagram

Within the next few weeks we'll be able to video chat with up to four people. Take this as an opportunity for businesses to host interviews, invite more than one fan, customer and influencer to make the lives more lively.

Instagram Will Limit The Reach Of Tik Tok Reels

Instagram has updated it's algorithm to reduce the visibility of recycled content within the Reels tab and Explore tab. This content include TikTok Reels and content from other apps.

Facebook & Instagram To Enhance Safety Measures

Facebook is looking to reduce offensive content which contains any form of harassment or hate speech. The AI system will be able to detect the content before anyone can see it.

Instagram on the other hand, will disable accounts who send abusive messages, it will also give the option to turn off DMs from people you don't follow.

TikTok Plans For new eCommerce Integration

The app seeks to maximize its revenue opportunities. Tools such as product links, product catalogs for brands and live-streamed shopping are already being tested!


Piece of advice? Start considering TikTok for business. Yes, we can't believe we're saying this either.

‼️Stay tuned for next week's updates‼️

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